ACT Elite Commercial Network


Become part of our Network

The ACT Elite Network is a national, regional, and local commercial job platform. We have thousands of clients across the USA completing thousands of commercial jobs annually. With our expertise in the restoration industry and the groundbreaking ACT Elite software solution, our members are able to maximize their commercial sales potential.

Advanced planning for any emergency

Businesses need advanced planning prior to any emergency event. Act Elite members use Promatic's Emergency Response Protocol software to respond quickly and efficiency when disaster strikes, establishing confidence and reducing downtime for the client. Secure jobs and claims that have not even happened yet by knowing your client's plans and protocols ensuring YOU get the first call.

Established Chain of Command

Your client's emergency response plan is ready to go meaning shorter downtimes and reduced risk of further damage.

Standardized System

Easy to use, easy to understand. Secure, reliable access for you and your client.

Response 24/7/365

Trained local professionals have access to all site information and response protocols from any mobile device.

Detailed Reports

Complete building information in one convenient report.

Grow your commercial revenue

Become self-sufficient by creating a local network that will continue to feed your business and profits far into the future


No more clunky binders or booklets - enter and edit information from any mobile device.


Our secure cloud based system means all data is available to you and your clients whenever you need it - any time, anywhere.


Your emergency response plan is now ready to go upon arrival at the scene - saving time and money.


Purposely engineered by experienced restoration professionals to help you grow your business.


Full training and support

Our Commercial Marketing and Sales training plan includes all the forms, systems, and protocols to develop a workflow that is specific to you and your market. We provide telephone conferences with you and your team to coach you through a successful and seamless implementation.

Your comprehensive Sales and Marketing Kit includes:

  • An advanced commercial marketing plan
  • Marketing material templates
  • Market targeting documentation
  • Data mining guidelines and layout
  • Lead generating information
  • Sample scripts, documentation, contracts, organizational charts, electronic presentations, hardcopy presentations, and sales strategies