• BackgroundLaptop Freedom! 24 / 7 anywhere access with your laptop, iPad or smart phone.
  • BackgroundLister Quicker than pen and paper. Photos are attached to each item and transferred instantly to the cloud.
  • BackgroundGlasses Real Performance, Real Time. Know office and individual performance as it happens.
  • BackgroundTrees Go Green. Go Paperless. Online document management system and complete electronic file system all in one.

Affordable Software


Internet based software for the fire and flood restoration contractor. FILER is a cloud platform that manages jobs, organizes documents and includes an industry leading customer relationship management (CRM) interface and you can also opt for the full accounting module. In short it is the ultimate Restoration Management Software solution.

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Office Automation


Our all-in-one software enables you to organize and track your jobs, including accounting from any mobile device, 24 / 7. You can find a contact, view your staff's calendar, or review your office's or individual's performance. You can do it all from anywhere there is internet access.

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Content Listings on iPhone


The world has changed. Throw out your pen and paper. In the past you needed a camera, connected to a laptop, on a cart with an eternal power source, etc, etc. Now all you need is an iPhone, Mini iPad or IPod. And the best part is each item and their photos are on the cloud within seconds. Click a button and instantly produce your Schedule of Loss for your adjuster and property owner. How fast can those young content listers text?? Big job send 5 people each using their own iPhone, Ipod or iPad.

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"Promatic's Filer is a great system. We store photographs, documents, notes, and we track our people's activities. It has helped our business stay organized with our repairs and customer inquiries. It is also super user friendly. I would recommend Promatic's Filer to any business." Ken Malcolm - Owner - Total Restoration Service